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In the US these days we have an obesity problem among our youth. The problem, kids just don’t get enough exercise. They spend too much time kids sport trophyin front of the television or the video games.

Youth sports is the modern way of getting kids to move, and giving a young child a trophy for participating in sports will help motivate them to continue.

My own son demonstrated this to me in a most unexpected way. When he was 7 years old we put him on a soccer team for the first time. He kind of enjoyed it, but never really fell in love with it. The next year when it was time to register him, he had to think about it for a while. The night before the last opportunity to register we told him he had to make a decision. Either he signed up the next day, or he would not play. He paused, thought it for about thirty seconds and then said. “Well, I would like another trophy, so yes, I’ll play”

I had been in the awards business his whole life, he had seen trophies at the shop all the time, but seeing a trophy and earning one are two different things. Earning a trophy gives us a sense of accomplishment, a sense that we are of value, and that is a feeling that motivates us to do more, even when it isn’t our favorite thing to do, because that recognition is honey to the soul.

Receiving a trophy, even just for participating in an activity can help motivate our young children to strive to be better and better, and keep them active and thin.

kids playing soccer

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