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Buy Local.

May 24, 2012

Buy local, support your local businesses, and they in turn will support you.

Long ago before the days of the big box store with anonymous stock holders and corporate offices in another state, there was only the local merchant.  Before people could launch a website with a few hundred dollars and sell pre-produced products, there were local artisans and manufacturers.

Local merchants live and trade in the local economy. By keeping your spending with local businesses, you will be helping those in your local community.

The now-trendy farmer’s market harkens to a bygone day when local farmers brought their goods to the town for the locals to purchase. Local people owned and operated small repair shops, restaurants, pharmacies, bars general stores, funeral homes and the like. We knew these people and they knew us. There is personal connection with business of this type.

Local business is the lifeblood of any community. When you support a locally owned and operated business, you are helping your community. Any taxes you pay go to your town, and the people employed by your purchase will turn around and spend more money in your town. Most importantly, working with local people will establish life long relationships and strengthen your ties to your community.

I have made it a point that when I go out for a meal, I choose a locally owned establishment rather than one of the chain restaurants. Most often the food is better, better for you, and if you wish to compliment the chef, or make a comment about the food, service or atmosphere, you can speak right to the owner. Try that the next time you go to a chain restaurant. The people running it usually don’t care about things whether good or bad, because they have no ownership, they just follow the formula given them by corporate headquarters in what is usually a far away town or state.

Alpine Awards has been in the San Francisco Bay Area, locally owned an operated for 40 years. We employ over 40 full time workers, providing jobs that bring money into local businesses, local taxes, and general community benefit. When people walk through our doors or call us on the phone, they are friends; not customer numbers, not a credit card number, or an account number, yes we are friends.

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